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Sammy's Chicken Sensations

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Sammy's Chicken Sensations

Post  sammyantha on Sun May 22, 2011 10:37 am

Ok this here is so yummy, i got bored one weekend a few months ago and had some chicken and decided to have it seasoned. What i came up with is now Andy's favourite chicken breast dish. He loves it and so do i.

Ok when i make this i don't use any measurements, i just put in what i think i need. It's all to your own taste really.

Ok this is what you need
In a large bowl add a decent amount of olive oil (we are going to make a paste that is watery like in texture)

Now sprinkle in some chilli flakes (again put as much in as you like), some italian herbs (now don't go too crazy with this one), vegeta gourmet stock (i sprinkle a nice amount in), grated parmesan (around the same amount as vegeta) then a decent amount of sweet paprika (you want to have more of this then all the other stuff you have just sprinkled in).

Once you have it all in a bowl stir it all in to make a paste..............then slowly add warm water to get the texture want it runny but not too runny.

Once you have done that, coat all your chicken breasts in the mixture and leave in the bowl for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Once it is ready to cook, spray your fry pan with some canola spray then put in a tablespoon or so of butter and melt. When that is done add the chicken and cook on a low heat.
mmmmm the smells that come up from the fry pan is AWESOME!!!

Once you have fully cooked your chicken serve up with a nice side of salad Smile


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