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Post  sammyantha on Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:38 am

I had an idea that maybe we could have a natural remedies section.

Here are a few handy examples:

"Honey is a great first-aid ointment. It’s a natural [antibacterial product]. That’s why honey has such a long shelf life.” we all have honey in our cupboards at home and probably didn't know that about honey.

"Placing a teabag … where a tooth was removed can promote accelerated healing. The tannic acid in the tea is the contributing factor.”

“For stuffy nose/sinus conditions, a quick aid is shredded, peeled horseradish. A few short inhales of freshly ground horseradish will clear the sinuses. Be careful not to use too much or breathe in too strongly; you may get a tearful surprise. “Use a closable container to get multiple uses from the ground product. The vapors will diminish with time and exposure to air.”

“After peeling a cucumber, rub the inside of the peels on your face to soften and hydrate your skin.”


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