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Enabling HTML via profile

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Enabling HTML via profile

Post  sammyantha on Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:23 pm

If anyone wants to enable HTML on their profile this is how you do it

Go to your Profile tab (found on Navigation Bar); or My Profile (found on the Log-In widget)
click on Preferences tab, from that page scroll down a bit to where Always allow HTML : is keyed on the page, and select Yes next to it.

Be sure that you Save the settings afterwards.

HTML allows you to do alot of things like add pictures to your post or cool animated graphics like my waving panda myspace graphic comments

this is my favourite site to get cool graphics and comments

Once you get the hang of HTML it's easy and fun to do.

To practice go to my favourite site above, pick out a graphic then click on the one you want to use. On the page you will notice this

Copy this HTML code to your (myspace) profile or website:
underneath it is a code in a box, click in it then right click with your mouse and select copy. Now on your post paste the code (remember to set up HTML first)

once you have posted the code in you can click preview to take a look at it. Once your happy with your post press send Smile

hope this has helped

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